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In this game you are a fashion designer and you have to design a beautiful dress for this cute bride. So lets play.
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Here is our latest barbie wedding dress up game for you in which you are a fashion designer and you have to give her a nice wedding makeover.
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Today we will going to take our wedding photos on yacht and i wants to become the most beautiful bride. Would you like to give some advice about my dress up?
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This bride likes black and she is here to choose a black wedding grown for herself. Lets try to choose the perfect one and dress up her.
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This bride likes high fashion clothes and wants to get married in an haute couture wedding dress! Please dress up her with some fashionable luxury wedding gowns and accessories.
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These two gorgeous newly weds have been practicing so hard in order to leave all their guests mouth opened during their wedding dance performance and dress up more important for that, so please help them to get a comfortable outfit for that.
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This Chinese girl wants a traditional wedding in a traditional place and clothes! Please help her to get a perfect bridal look which makes every moments special.
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Every girls dream is to see herself in a wedding dress with a lovely bunch of flowers. Today is her wedding day and she needs your help for a different wedding makeover. Would you like to help her?
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Ancient Rome Wedding style is a special wedding and this beautiful girl wants her wedding to be this wadding style, so please try to dress up her in perfect romania wedding bride stye.
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Beautiful bridal makeover and dress up game influenced by Edwardian fashion with structured bodices and romantic ruffles! In lovely pastel colors and lots of accessories which is always so much fun in dress up games! Let is play and enjoy.
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